Revolutionising time-to-market

Point Sigma's AI-driven analytics turbocharges an MSP's SaaS solution, reducing time to market by 12 months.

MSP - SaaS

The Company

A leading global database Managed Service Provider (MSP) specialises in optimising large-scale databases for the world's largest companies. With expertise in databases, middleware, engineered systems, and cloud, they focus on helping organisations assess, design, modernise, optimise, and manage database workloads.

Point Sigma

Point Sigma is the world's first fully end-to-end autonomous AI-driven data analytics solution. Point Sigma empowers people to become citizen data scientists by broadening the reach of analytics to all decision-makers, creating competitive advantage.

The challenge

The challenge lay in achieving rapid time-to-market and time-to-value which is where traditional analytical tools fell short, revealing gaps in end-to-end capabilities. Internal development was an option that had been considered. The MSP wanted to leverage AI-driven data analytics to pinpoint bottlenecks, manage database usage, licensing, and upgrade plans, delivering significant cost savings to its customers.

The solution

Partnering with Point Sigma, the MSP delivered their latest innovative product to market 12 months ahead of plan. Integrating advanced AI-driven data analytics into their new SaaS offering, transformed their database infrastructure assessment capabilities. Point Sigma's platform, hailed as a game-changer, also shortened the delivery timescale for their clients by many months while enhancing functionality. The AI-driven analytics not only addressed existing challenges but also uncovered untapped opportunities, rapidly elevating time-to-value for end-users.


As AI is rapidly developing, reducing time to market is crucial for products that embed the new possibilities of AI. Point Sigma's AI-driven platform shortened our delivery time by 12 months, while enhancing the functionality of our solution. The platform unveils unexplored opportunities, rapidly boosting time-to-value for our end users who are now able to self-serve via read only access to their own data. It adds depth to our offering and brings significant commercial value.

SVP of Innovation - Global MSP

Point Sigma

Point Sigma is a data analytics and business intelligence platform that configures itself using Artificial Intelligence instead of human experts. Point Sigma uses a novel type of AI, called Artificial Curiosity™ that works


in a similar way to how humans find interesting insights in data. It works out from raw data, all the way to insights, how to combine the relevant data processing steps to produce the most interesting results.

The impact

  • In a competitive landscape, time to market for new products and services that are able to take full advantage of what AI has to offer means the difference between success and failure.
  • The MSP was able to deliver a significant increase in value and function to their clients in a few short months and, significantly, take a lead on their competitors by over a year.
  • Point Sigma's transparent and comprehensive solution eliminates hidden costs and limitations. The transformative journey with Point Sigma not only accelerated the delivery of the SaaS solution but also amplified its functionality.
  • The AI-driven analytics automated complex processes, providing self-service capabilities that were previously unattainable.
  • The result is a streamlined, cost-effective, and cutting-edge solution that positions the MSP as a leader in their competitive landscape.